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FLO-JO World Record Nails

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FLO-JO World Record Nails, Artist: Pamela Council, 2012 | 2020

Collection displays artwork that deconstructs traditional fixtures of beauty as an extension of female identity at the intersection of art and…

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Flo Jo World Record Nails

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Flo Jo World Record Nails, Pamela Council, 2012

2000 acrylic fake fingernails, nail polish, rhinestones, metal, wood

Sculpture made from 2000 artist-made replica acrylic fingernails in the shape…

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Pamela Council, African American Artist


Pamela Council, African American Artist, Photo by Joe Gall for Red Bull, Red Bull, 2020

Pamela Council was born in Southampton, New York and currently resides in Bronxville, where she works to produce sculpture, textiles, print-based…

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