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Texas' Black Women's Club Movement: The Priscilla Art Club of Dallas, Texas


ART | library deco Presents

The Texas Black Women's Club Movement

The Priscilla Art Club was one of the most prestigious, if not elitist clubs for African American women in Dallas, and as of 1997, remains so. The club's maximum membership was set at twenty-five. Twenty-three women of "good moral character" began to build an organization, the motto of which was, "Art and Beauty, Home and Duty." The motto has lasted eighty-six years as of this writing in 1997.

The virtual exhibition will display historical content, articles, images, about African American womens clubs throughout the state of Texas' history. In like manner, information about the Texas African American Club movement will be shared in this exhibition. A curatorial paper will accompany the exhibition by the REPOSITORY staff at ART | library deco. 

Virtual Exhibition Opening: June 2022

Virtual Exhibition Closes: September 2022

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