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ART | library deco, sweet as the moment when art went “Pop”, is an Online African American digital art library, documenting the visual experience of art and literature through the eyes of various artists and institutions in the United States and abroad. The online digital art library was created in May 2013, as a graduate student project by kYmberly Keeton, Founder and Editor.

The digital art library features archived exhibitions and collections, art history notes, news, events and reviews. Moreover, students, faculty, and lifelong learners have access to an online comprehensive African American art libguide. Additionally, once a month literary readers have the opportunity to access free audio, physical, and online digital e-books.The digital art library is updated monthly with new content.

The African American digital art library began designing its online exhibition space and digital archive in spring 2017. As a virtual entity the space organizes, designs, and curates exhibitions featuring images, artwork, documents, papers, and collections by African American artists and writers. 

Visit & Explore: www.artlibrarydeco.space